Why Should You Choose Custom Framing Instead of Standard Framing?

Why Should You Choose Custom Framing Instead of Standard Framing


The photo frames available in IKEA and other retail stores are very tempting but when going for the long haul and to be on the safer side, it would make sense to go for custom frames. With custom frames, one need not worry about distortions or yellowing of the content as they are archival in quality, so no worries on that count. Online framing is archival in quality which will not tamper or distort the quality of the artwork and so long life for the custom framed art is predicted. So the best bet to have a long run with cherished photographs is to opt for custom framing.

To ensure the quality of the product, the custom frames come reinforced with archival acid-free mat boards that prevent paper-based artwork from yellowing over time. Foam-core backing which is also archival is placed behind the artwork inside the frame to eradicate dust.

The glaze is achieved by placing framers acrylic instead of traditional glass to oust shattering that usually accompanies glass because glass is heavy and most likely to shatter.

A UV protection is guaranteed which shuts out the UV rays and a special non-glare option is also available which reduces the interference due to environmental lighting while simultaneously shunning the UV rays.
Ready-made frames don’t serve the purpose as they are standard fittings and will not complement any combinations of mat and frames that suit the contents.

If you have on hand a jersey that needs to be framed, it is nightmarish to try to use a ready-made frame which will ruin the entire ensemble, but on the other hand, a custom frame can work wonders with the non-conformist dimensions of the jersey.

The project will not go awry while using tailor-made co-ordinates for mounting the painting on the wall while being rest assured that the framed art will be an exact replica of the online artwork.

You could use the services of a framing expert to help you with the project when you are not assisted by a long-term vision and which could mar the project if you go about it single-handedly. But the framing expert in case of custom frames will ensure the right match for your mat and frame in line with the online artwork sitting plumb on the walls of your house.

If you are having a vision for your frame, you could use the services of the online framing tool and check out the mat and frame permutations and combinations of the pictures and optionally you could also upload the finished artwork to see how it feels.

Custom frames do not mean that you have to wait endlessly to get your finished product onto the walls as opposed to ready-made frames that give instant gratification. No amount of self-convincing will get you the finish that you dream of with ready-made frames.

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