Wood Framing Vs. Metal Framing: Which Is Better?

Wood Framing Vs. Metal Framing Which Is Better

Wooden frames and metal frames are the two most extensively used frames for artwork and depending on the picture and its contents, you can suit yourself with any of the two frames.

Wood and metal frames are highly sought after frames. Although wood and metal are highly sustainable, they have their quota of dissimilarities. Wood is a classic material for framing pictures and has been in use for centuries together due to its abundance and ease of use. Although wood has had a successful run so far, now there are other choices to choose from for the frames. Once you narrow them down, you have two distinct types, namely wooden frames and metal frames.


Wooden frames are best associated with traditional paintings and benefit all traditional paintings. Hence the wooden frames are a good place to start with and pair themselves effortlessly with traditional paintings.

Metal frames give a modern look to the painting and their only disadvantage is that they don’t have many colors to choose from. But despite that, metal frameworks are durable and they do not chip at the corners and even if they do, metal frames can be detached and replaced. If they receive any bumps during transit, they can be easily replaced.

Wood comes in many exciting flavors and they could be flat or curved upwards. Wood may have raw or textured finish or feature a rope or floral design. More contemporary wooden frames could have stages of ornamentation ranging from simple ranges to valleys. Wooden frames come painted and are rich in mahogany, walnut, and pine. Wooden frames may be rustic in feel and have a gloss or matte finish.

Metal frameworks are normally attainable in thinner frame-widths as the metal never obstructs the painting and the center of attraction in metal paintings is the painting itself and not the frame.

Wooden picture frames are an attractive bargain for encompassing the pictures and the wood used could be any such as MDF, eco-friendly wood composite or laminate. The earlier forms of paintings such as still-life paintings, portraits, and landscapes make themselves at home with wooden frames.

The paintings having a heavy veil of darkness or shining bright lights incorporated in customary paintings respond to attractive looks when framed in wooden work because these paintings are perfectly complemented with the woodwork of the wooden frame.

Wooden frames are made of pricey materials, nailed and glued, thus hiking the price in comparison to the aluminum composite in metal frames. As the ornate in the wood increases, the price of the wooden frame also sky-rockets.

In a nutshell, both wooden and metal frames are suitable for framing priceless works of framed art. Metal frames weigh lesser than wooden frames because metal frames are shallow and aluminum being the metal of choice in metal frames, it is comparatively light. Wooden frames are costlier than metal frames because they require molds to be created and frames to be constructed. Additionally, wooden frames are more ornate, raising the price of framed art.

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