Working From Home? Make Your Workspace Lively With Custom Framing

Working From Home_Make Your Workspace Lively With Custom Framing

Working from home in such a stressful condition as the present pandemic is really an onerous task. One finds the day to day work dull, boring, in addition, to be weary. So why not add a little color and creativity to your workspace where you spend the entire day working. Yes, it is about decorating your workplace to not just lighten your mood but also to make it representable. And what is a better way of decorating your space other than frames? Let’s explore how you can make intelligent use of custom framing!

A well-decorated workspace offers motivation to work better and custom framing definitely enhances the workspace look. The first step in attaining a gorgeous workplace is to plan how you want your workspace to look and then finding a picture framing shop where you get the custom frames as per your requirements.

Presently your sanctuary is your home so you may want to create an atmosphere where you want to be reminded of your company. In this scenario, framing a logo of your company or the goals might keep you connected to it even though you are far from the office environment. Using lively and colorful posters will also brighten up your workspace all the while reminding you of your targets, strategies and individual purpose towards the great good of your company.

Pro tip

An alternative to this can be in the form of personalized artworks to create a healthy and positive vibe. Paintings, both bought and your art can be conveniently framed and hung to add color to your background. It is also economical if you frame your own paintings. A noteworthy thing in this respect is that you should always follow a certain theme to give your space a cooler look. This theme may be a color theme or pertain to a certain event, time, era, personality, and so on.

Ideas for framing

Pictures can never be ruled out when considering frames. Peeking at your loved ones while working can give you a boost in your work. It helps you revive your mental energies if you ever get down with the monotonous work. Other options include:

1. Framed art prints
2. Typography
3. Minimalist line drawing prints
4. Personal photographs

Always remember you need to put up those frames which give you comforting, productive, and inspirational vibes. You can also choose the kind of frames you would like to go for- wooden, metal, acrylic, etc

For larger workplace

If you have a big workspace you should always choose your frames starting from bigger to smaller. The biggest frame will cover a major portion of your wall and you can utilize the remaining space accordingly. This big frame is your starting point towards styling your back walls. Other ways of styling include linear style, circular, or in various shape styles.

For small workplace

If you have a smaller workspace you don’t have to overcrowd it with frames. You need only the best ones to keep it light and stylish. You should make handsome use of lighter colored frames as they give a spacious look. Also decorating alternate walls will make the place look more vibrant.

Apart from wall frames, you can also make use of frames that can be utilized over shelves. They look equally stylish. Other than these Personalized Picture Frames, Framed Art, Acrylic Picture Frames can also be put to use.


The most crucial thing in your custom framing your workspace is your budget. There are many ways that you can utilize a smaller budget to get a stylish yet economical workspace. Although it is a known fact that custom framing is more expensive compare to regular frames but it can be managed. Besides it is more valuable to have custom frames as they specially made for you, something that has your emotional and innovative value attached to. Their distinctiveness increases their worth for none of your peers would have it at their workplaces.


Given the above discussion, it is explicit that using custom frames not just lightens up workspaces but also modifies it to give it a more professional and lively look. Both of these are desperately required in the present times of crises.

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